Before & After Knotty Horse

(Photos of “Dodger” — a rescue horse and happy Knotty Horse customer)

Before Knotty Horse

Before 7-In-1 Detangling Treatment & Shine

After Knotty Horse

After 2 uses of 7-In-1 Detangling Treatment & Shine

Apricot Oil Hair Repair Detangler & Shine

Made with Apricot Oil, Knotty Horse™ 7-In-1 Detangling Treatment & Shine reduces grooming time with fast results you can see for immediate softness and shine.This concentrated treatment helps infuse deep moisture into the hair cuticle with the luxurious and nourishing treatment of Apricot Oil. Naturally containing Omega Fatty Acids and Vitamins A & E, Apricot Oil helps soften hair, imparts radiant shine, helps prevent hair breakage and detangles hair with a weightless feel without the wait time. Results last up to 10 days and can be applied to wet or dry hair.
Damaged, dehydrated and tangled hair becomes manageable, silky and moisturized. In just one use, hair becomes noticeably softer and healthy-looking.

Features and Benefits:

  1.  Contains Omegas & Vitamins A & E
  2. Detangles with no wait time
  3. Softens hair and helps prevent breakage
  4. Non-greasy formula leaves no residue
  5. Enhances hair with a healthy shine
  6. Repels dust from stable to show ring
  7. Results that last up to 10 days

Apricot Oil Hair Repair Detangler & Shine

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