"Sonny" and "Morocco" — happy Knotty Horse customers

IMG_4721-clay“I have had the distinct pleasure of using Knotty Horse Apricot Oil Hair Repair Detangler & Shine for the past year and our horses manes and tails have never looked and felt better.

We have many good products we could use, but we only use Knotty Horse, it is by far the “BEST ” mane and tail product we have ever used! Try it, you will see a big difference too.”

—Clay Harper, horse owner and trainer

SeanWhen you show as much as I do you know that your horse has to always look his best. Since using Knotty Horse at my barn I’ve noticed the horses tails looking stronger and healthier. We don’t brush tails everyday either and since using Knotty Horse our horses tails always look like they’ve just been brushed, you could ruin your fingers through. This is as great product and recommend everyone who has a horse to try it. You won’t be disappointed.

—Sean Cunningham, Owner/head trainer STC Dressage

Andreena“Knotty Horse is a fantastic hair product! There’s nothing like it on the market! You don’t have to wash your horses mane or tail before applying either! It keeps the hair detangled and soft no matter what. My horse’s tails always look show ready even after rolling in the sand. I’ve noticed they don’t ruin their tails and there is no more breakage. Their tails are actually growing longer and thicker. I use Knotty Horse on my hair as well! It’s not greasy or oily, leaves my hair soft and manageable! And best part it smells delicious!”

—Andreena Flores,
Assistant Trainer STC Dressage, Head trainer EZ Racing

“I rescued my gelding, Dodger from a kill pen. My gelding’s tail had so many dreads that it stuck straight out and the vet pointed out that it was pulling on the dock of the tail, potentially causing more breakage and recommended cutting the tail.

I was hesitant to cut it- the dreads started under the tail bone, so I called Knotty Horse and described my problem. I was encouraged to try the Apricot Oil Hair Repair Detangler & Shine before eliminating all options of saving Dodger’s hair. I was doubtful, but willing to try it.

The product truly did separate, soften and loosen the hair! Two 30-minute sessions and his hair was TANGLE-FREE! I couldn’t believe it. I have been using Knotty Horse on his tail once a week since then and it has kept his tail soft and strong. Additionally, his tail has grown at least 8 inches in just 5 months!

If one product can do all that, I am definitely a customer for life.”

—Danielle Kinney, horse owner

“I have a thoroughbred who does not have the greatest tail in the world – fine textured and definitely not thick. I have used Knotty Horse Apricot Oil Hair Repair Detangler & Shine for over a month. Used either on a wet or dry tail, the difference is immediate.

I no longer have to worry about breaking hair as I work on my mare’s tangles. This detangler gives me a tail that is easy to brush out without breakage, and the results are noticeably fuller with greater volume.”

—Dianne Simendinger, horse owner