Our Story

Before Apricot Oil Detangling Treatment 

After Apricot Oil Detangling Treatment 


Nicole Papandrea is a life-long horseman, product developer and also a competitor with a passion for healthy living and everything horse related. Nicole became well-versed in the products that worked best in and out of the show ring. Selective about what products were applied, she continued grooming her own horses as a competitor and desired a healthier alternative to ingredients she uses daily on both herself and her horses without compromising on results.

As a product developer and branding expert for some of the leading beauty brands in the industry today, she has developed award-winning cosmetics and skincare for over a decade. A favorite ingredient for her own skin has always been Apricot Oil for the antioxidant and Omega-rich benefits. When Nicole studied the effects of Apricot Oil in hair care, the results were astounding for healthy hair growth, overall condition and shine.

In the market of grooming products, Nicole realized a gap remained in the equine industry. She searched for paraben-free, treatment products that did more than just detangle and add shine to a horse’s mane, tail and coat- she wanted a product that could treat and prevent tangles and dryness. After creating the Apricot Oil Detangling Treatment in the lab for her personal horses, trainers began to notice her horses’ lustrous, tangle-free manes and tails. Nicole had developed the first of its kind treatment with effective detangling benefits that last for up to 10 days. It was in 2015, Knotty Horse was born and it has been gaining a huge following since its inception in the market.

Nicole lives in San Diego, CA with her husband, children, horses and dogs. Philanthropic causes are near to her heart, especially concerning animals. She has rescued dogs and horses and it is a company belief to give back. Knotty Horse donates a portion of proceeds to horse rescues with both monetary and product donations is proud to be able to give a second chance to horses in need.