How Your Purchase Gives Back

At the heart of Knotty Horse, we have a mission: To provide horses with natural alternative products made with quality ingredients to help enhance their beauty and help them look their best! But another cause runs deep in our veins and that is to save horses in timely need of rescue. We make a difference for these horses by providing them with medical aid, good nutrition and above all, a loving forever home.

Knotty Horse donates a portion of all product proceeds to rescue horses as a result of natural disaster, neglect, abuse and those who are slaughter-bound, often with only hours to spare.  

Every Knotty Horse product purchase supports our cause by helping us donate to a reputable rescue organization. Your support also allows us to directly rescue “red-flagged” horses, where they are brought to safety at the Knotty Horse Ranch in Southern California. Here, we work hands-on daily to rehabilitate our rescues to bring back them back to good health and ultimately restore their trust and faith in human kindness. Some have never been touched or handled, some have endured abuse and hard labor, some arrive with nothing more than a number tag glued to their tail. But one thing all of our rescues have in common is that they will never be “just a number” again. We make a promise to them on the day of arrival that they will not ever be discarded or hurt for as long as they shall live. They are given names, and are shown kindness to help them overcome their fear and anxiety. At the Knotty Horse Ranch, each special horse begins their new lease on life and we are gifted with the responsibility to help them find their forever person- and the results are incredible. Horses may not have the gift of speech but each and every one has a beautiful story to tell.

Check out the horses we have rescued and learn about their unique stories! Thank you for supporting the Knotty Horse cause to save a life and to make a meaningful difference in the lives of many!

If you would like to donate items of need or directly help one of our rescue horses, please get in touch with us at