OUR Story

How did Knotty Horse begin? With time, trial and error and a lot of passion. If you ask our founder, Nicole Papandrea what she’s most passionate about, she will tell you her horses! Every aspect of their well-being is integral to her happiness. Especially when it comes to one horse in particular that holds a special place in Nicole’s heart. The horse that began this journey and the reason Knotty Horse was born is Skippa Social Bar, affectionately known as Reese.

Developing custom formulas is something our Knotty Horse Founder has done for many years. As a product developer for renowned global beauty brands, Nicole wanted to incorporate her experience in the lab to create natural alternative treatment products she could feel good about using on Reese’s sensitive skin to detangle, add shine and treat his hair. Reese suffered from thinning hair by the time he was 18 years old. His forelock became so short, it was barely there. After a year of trial and error, the Apricot Oil Treatment & Detangler was born and proof that a healthier alternative is possible without compromising on amazing results. Within a few weeks, Nicole noticed Reese’s hair was softer, stronger and his forelock showed signs of growth. When a few trainers also noticed the results and asked what she had been using on Reese’s tail, Nicole knew she wanted to share these results. The secret weapon in all of our Knotty Horse formulas is active levels of Apricot Oil for its Omega-rich properties and naturally occurring Vitamins A & E to help strengthen and soften the hair. “Grow Long, Stay Strong” is our motto and we know you and your horse will love the results of our products as much as we do!

Philanthropic causes are near to our founder's heart. Nicole Papandrea has rescued animals for many years and it is a company belief to give back. Knotty Horse donates a portion of all sales proceeds to rescuing horses in need and by donating directly to reputable rescue organizations.




How Knotty Horse Began

In the market of grooming products, Nicole realized a gap remained in the equine industry. She searched for paraben-free, treatment products that did more than just detangle and add shine to a horse’s mane, tail and coat- she wanted a product that could treat and prevent tangles and dryness.